About the Program

The DeKalb Chamber Partnership has partnered with DeKalb County Community Corrections to streamline access to jobs for candidates eligible for the work release program. The goal of this partnership is to breakdown barriers and improve communication so that more eligible candidates will utilize the program benefiting both their own restoration process and our employer's needing to fill open positions.

The Process

> Employers submit open positions using the form provided below.
> The Chamber sends an updated roster of open positions to Community Corrections on a weekly basis to share with work release eligible candidates. 
> Interested candidates will contact employers.
> If required, interviews will take place on Fridays at the Community Corrections facility.
> Hired candidates must begin work no later than the following Wednesday. 
> Employer informs the Chamber the positions has been filled so it can be removed from the roster.

Things to Consider

Participants in this program cannot move from site to site. Only positions in which employees stay at one address should be considered. Note: Multiple plants on one site is acceptable.

No residences or farms. 

Participants in this program must be in the facility at least 8 hours each 24 hour rotation.

Corrections facility holds 1 out of the 4 housing units for quarantine. This should minimize employees' lost time due to quarantine for COVID exposure or illness.


Transportation tends to be the biggest barrier to work release candidates finding jobs. To help overcome this, your business could offer transportation for a paycheck deduction by partnering with Abounding Life Resources & Recruitment Solutions. Contact Leilanni Deveraux at (260) 267-7177 to learn more.