The Chamber provides positive publicity and opens dialogue to individuals in companies who would not have discovered us otherwise. "

Jacob Plassman
Maumee Valley Group
Maumee Valley Group

Maumee Valley Group

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Family owned and operated since 1946, Ohio Maumee Valley Group (MVG) is a break room food service provider that services over 30 different locations in DeKalb County and over 600 locations in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. We employ over 150 employees and have a commitment to a strong public presence within any community they serve.

During a meeting with one of our customers it was recommended that we join the DeKalb Chamber Partnership. His guidance has been nothing short of fantastic as the whole MVG team has made connections with manufacturing, education, and healthcare facilities that we would not have been afforded the opportunity to do otherwise.

Participating the Taste of DeKalb at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting was the very beginning of our experience with the Chamber. We displayed some of our fresh food items along with Starbucks Coffee, beverages and snacks. It was a huge hit and very well received by everyone there! During this time we made dozens of connections with various companies in DeKalb County and some even laid the groundwork in Maumee Valley Group being their food service provider months later.

With being such a unique style of business, we do not rely much on traditional advertising as we do “word of mouth” advertising. The Chamber provides positive publicity and opens up dialogue to individuals within companies who would not have discovered Maumee Valley Group otherwise.

DeKalb County is a community that really embraces partnerships between fellow businesses and individuals which is something really great to be a part of. We are looking forward to taking our efforts to the next level this year in growing.

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